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We are a non-profit organization established in 1979 to make scholarships available to graduating students and to promote academic achievement at 
Newbury Park High School. We are a group of retired and current school counselors, teachers, community members, parents and students working together to raise money for the graduating seniors of NPHS. All money raised each year goes to the students.

Please email us for our Tax ID number at


Executive Board

Julie Nagamoto

Co President

Tammi Taggart/Jen Kuo


Joo Cho

Co President

Wendy Goldstein


Current Foundation Members

Subha Tholudur

Jen Kuo

Eloda Linehan

Van Banks

Charles Taggart

Richard Intlekofer

Kelli Bauwens

Tammi Taggart

Tina Coleman

Juliane Detweiler

Steve Johnson

CSF Student

School Resources

NPHS Counseling Office
Phone: (805) 498-3676

 College and Career Guidance Specialist

Call 805-498-3676 ext. 1101

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